Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i find it quite stunning that times in which i am most overwhelmed, i am most productive in my art. while studying for 3 psychology classes (2 of which are upper level) and also struggling to complete a teapot for a ceramics 2 class, i find all i want to do is paint. so i stay up several occasions till 3am just going at it, fearing a manic episode of some sort is the cause (when really i'm sure it's just random inspiration and stress).

i started this piece about 3 weeks ago. i'm not satisfied with it, and it's far from done. but it kept me awake 3 hours longer than i intended to be. a common activity done in art therapy is to allow yourself to scribble on a large sheet of paper, emptying any emotion that you have been withholding onto to paper. that's initially what i did here, as i was frustrated with several things happening throughout the week. after unleashing hundreds of yellow waxen scribbles onto the pristine white surface of the paper, i decided i wanted to see how they would work with the acrylic paint i'd been hiding in my closet....so then there was blue... i'm just unhappy with the red at the moment...but i'll fix it sometime.

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